FTTH Conference 2018 Agenda: How It Will Shape The World

Valencia, Spain, will be the host of the 2018 FTTH conference, which will take place from 13th -15th February.

Valencia City - the next FTTH venue.

Valencia City – the next FTTH venue.

It will be the 15th edition of the FTTH conference since its inception.

The planners encourage many people to attend since it is an opportunity to build networks. The conference will bring together over 3,000 participants together from close to 100 countries.

It is advisable to attend and seize the opportunity of building networks with over 120 partners and exhibitors.The exhibitors will showcase the latest FTTH solutions and products as well as introduce the latest FTTH trends. Conference participants will have a chance to learn all the truths about FTTH.

There have been some myths about fiber to the home, and it is time to demystify them.

FTTH Conferenc 2018 banner

FTTH Conferenc 2018 banner

The 155 speakers will have time to share their experience with FTTH. The conference will have 14 conference sessions and 11 workshops, and all of them will be very exhaustive on all FTTH-related topics. Participants will have a chance to review exclusive FTTH data such as the state of FTTH markets across the world.

During the three-day conference, everyone is at liberty to attend as many conference sessions and workshops as possible. The exhibitions will also be open for everyone, the Spanish bar will be open throughout, and attendees will eat hot meals. Be on the lookout since the online registration will start in October 2017.

Any participant who intends to exhibit during the conference should book early due to the intense competition from the companies and individuals who always seek to erect their exhibitions during such meetings.It is a golden opportunity to showcase your brand to over 3,000 individuals.

It is one of the largest meeting places for broadband holders. Seize the opportunity and meet with potential investors and clients. Making a live demonstration of your products gives you an edge above the rest.

FTTH seminar with companies and individuals joining and collaborating.

FTTH seminar with companies and individuals joining and collaborating.

It is only during the FTTH conference that a company or individual can get significant printed and digital exposure of their brands before, during, and after the conference. The sponsorship packages depend on the level of visibility that one needs. It is advisable to book early to reserve a strategic place for your services or goods. Conference planners reserve the space on a first-come, first-served basis.

The FTTH conference enables people to be up-to-date with the latest trends of FTTH, solutions, and products. Attending the conference is a golden chance to assess the performance of the market and check how big names in the telecommunication market are faring.

Before you register as an attendant, check the program to know which companies have confirmed attendance. You could miss an exciting conference in 2018 if you do not keep updating yourself. Some of the platinum conference sponsors include Prysmian Group, COMMSCOPE, 3M, and OPPC Broadband Fiber Limited. Gold conference sponsors include Calix, Corning, Dura-line, Fujikura, and Ericsson. There are other sponsors in the silver category such as General Cable, Sterile Technology, Detecon Consulting, East Photonics, and FiberPlanIT.

FTTH Conference

At FTTH conferences, we try to ensure that businesses and individual clients receive the most up to date information about internet speeds and availability. We envision a situation where the entire world will have easy access to the fiber-optic internet.

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