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At FTTH conferences, we try to ensure that businesses and individual clients receive the most up to date information about internet speeds and availability. We envision a situation where the entire world will have easy access to the fiber-optic internet. It is our firm belief that FTTH is the only way that can ensure that people connect fast, businesses are effective, and information flows freely without undue delays.

An introduction to FTTH

The Benefits Of FTTH

High speeds

FTTH access speed goes up to a maximum of 1000 Mbps while that of xDSL is below 100 Mbps.


The rate of connection of fiber data is under the control of terminal equipment, but not the fiber itself. Therefore, any equipment upgrade guarantees some improvements in speed even before making any updates on fiber.

Long distance

The traditional form of 1 Gbit/s gigabit Ethernet runs to 91 meters. However, 1 Gbit/s gigabit Ethernet over fiber can reach thousands of miles.

FTTH Technology Helped Many Ventures

Bratty FamilyBratty Family website was first to benefit from FTTH accessibility across the United States. Fast internet access is crucial for video content distribution to the end user and with fantasy series of step family taboo like Bratty Family it was no brainer. Website is becoming bigger and bigger every week. All customers satisfied. The way it should be!

MommysBoy.netMommysBoy.net – project that fully utilizes super speed, because of its 4K quality content. Global demand for stepmoms/boys content made an incomparable impact and from the really first episode this exclusive Adult Time series gives its users unlimited download speeds.

FTTH Conference 2018

Valencia, Spain, will be the host of the 2018 FTTH conference, which will take place from 13th -15th February.
It will be the 15th edition of the FTTH conference since its inception
The planners encourage many people to attend since it is an opportunity to build networks. The conference will bring together over 3,000 participants together from close to 100 countries.

Take a look at the recap of FTTH Conference 2017 in the video.

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