Global Venues For FTTH Conference

FTTH Conference 2009 – Greece

Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Greece at night. A beautiful place to hold a conference.

The conference sought to encourage Greece to experience a new digital revolution and be at the forefront in the digital era. Its main objective was to develop an open-access passive network that would provide optical fiber internet to over 2 million businesses and homes in Thessaloniki, Athens, and another 50 cities in Greece.

The country had experienced increased penetration of internet in the previous four years. Attendants observed that Greece has a geostrategic significance, and there was no other significant competition in the telecommunication sector.

The government is dedicated, and citizens strongly desired a digital revolution which fiber to the home was ready to offer.

FTTH is an internet enabler that offers the fastest possible internet speed, has limited contention, does not share the frequency with other users hence no interference, does not have any delays since it offers real time services, and it is resilient. No other technology that can achieve the results that FTTH has achieved so far.

FTTH Conference 2013 – London

ftth confe 2013

During FTTH conference 2013

FTTH Council prepared the conference in a bid to create a sustainable future for Europe through fiber to the home.

The council would achieve its aim through accelerating the availability of ultra-high-speed fiber-based networks.

The 2013 conference was one of the largest in the history of FTTH since it had over 3,000 participants coming from 85 countries.

FTTH enhances fast access to internet solutions in the current world, and this is why the FTTH Council promotes the conferences.

The 2013 conference illustrated some of the myths about FTTH.

Saying that FTTH has no demand, it is very expensive  and no business can manage the risks since the return on investment is meagre, governments can focus on more important and urgent issues other than FTTH, and FTTH is irrelevant are some of the myths that the participants sought to demystify during the conference.

The Demand For Fiber To The Home Is On The Rise.

The majority of the homes will demand over 65 Mbps.

A fiber home connection.

A fiber home connection is now the demand.

There are no businesses which have demanded to go back to the previous technologies after receiving FTTH. Most businesses are ready to pay more for higher value services. Some have even gone to the extent of digging trenches to access FTTH. Investors are ready to pay more for the speedy internet.

The 2013 conference indicated that the only way to secure the future is by investing in technology.

Though the process may cost much money, it is better to do it now. Speakers at the conference indicated that the then Eurozone crisis could not deter the availability of capital for FTTH.

Many governments have plans on how to enable the access of FTTH in home countries.

Though there may be other pressing priorities, it is beneficial to consider investing in FTTH.
Some of the challenges that European countries faced in 2013 included aging populations, environment and sustainability, global competition and economic downturn, and lack of educational qualifications. However, investing in FTTH can turn some of these challenges into opportunities.
FTTH Conference

At FTTH conferences, we try to ensure that businesses and individual clients receive the most up to date information about internet speeds and availability. We envision a situation where the entire world will have easy access to the fiber-optic internet.

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