FTTH 2019 And Why You Shouldn´t Miss It

‘It’s not that we use technology, we live technology’

There is a new invention every single day, and every year we get stunned by the new-found technology. When internet was discovered, it burnt the bridges between countries and people. One such invention that has made internet connectivity easier and faster is the Fibre to the Home technology.

Since you are a novice, it is important to understand what FTTH means! Also known as Fibre to the Premises, FTTH is the use and installation of optical fiber from one middle point to residences, villas and apartments.

Now that you know about FTTH, you will be pleased to know that there is an FTTH conference being held. The conference is held every year and it was a success in the year 2018 as well. This event is strictly meant for clients and businesses, who wish to know about internet speeds, connectivity and availability. Here’s a post which talks about FTTH 2019 and why you should be looking forward to it!

Detention girls – A successful campaign

Thanks to the successful development of FTTH technology we are proud to announce that series like Detention Girls will only become more and more popular. High quality of videos, the brilliant ideas and beautiful actors are a great mix to make use of the bandwidth available with FTTH technology. Now, a word about Detention Girls.

Detention Girls - FTTH Technology Ready!

Detention Girls is all about the punishment. We know very well that behavior problems of today’s youth and we exactly know how to deal with that. Annoying, bratty and misbehaving women are taken to a special custody where we deal with them properly.

The Success Of FTTH 2018

The conference was held in Valencia, Spain in the year 2018. The professionals who attended this conference came to build new networks. There were over 3,000 participants from different countries. The records tell us that that their participants from 100 countries. This is a sign of achievement and it tells us that the bridges between countries and people are burning!

The professionals who attended this conference came to build new networks

In order to demystify the wrong notions about fibre to the home, the presenters talked about their products and even showcased the newest inventions. Out of the 3,000 participants, 150 participants got the opportunity to speak and present their topics. The central topic was FTTH and many people discovered the benefits of fibre to the home technology.

Say Hello To FTTH 2019

The conferences held in 2017 and 2018 were a great success, and now FTTH is coming back this year! People across the globe still have to know about the new technology! Professionals will be sharing their up-to-date knowledge about FTTH with the participants, and it will be a fruitful experience.

As the years pass, technology gets better and that is precisely why you need to attend the Fiber to the Home conference in 2019. If we embrace change, we shall reap the benefits of it.

Fibre to the home is the new talk of the town

Reasons for Embracing FTTH:

  • The speed can go up to 1000 mbps
  • It is a future-proof technology.
  • The traditional form of internet runs over 91 meters and the new and improved FTTH can reach about thousands of miles.
  • Faster and better technology

Fibre to the home is the new talk of the town! Although it has existed for a couple of years, but the world is still not aware of its benefits. This conference is an opportunity to tell the whole world about fibre-optic internet.

It is the next big thing and should be installed in every home across the globe. So, don’t forget to sign up for it and be a part of the most rewarding event.

FTTH Conference

At FTTH conferences, we try to ensure that businesses and individual clients receive the most up to date information about internet speeds and availability. We envision a situation where the entire world will have easy access to the fiber-optic internet.

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