Jump In FTTH Subscribers And Its Impact On The Economy

Per recent world census, a jump in FTTH subscribers and its impact on the economy is convincing that the fiber connection is the way to go for most homes and businesses worldwide.

Known as Super-Fast Fiber To The Home and Fiber To The Premises it is designating more and more user engagements.

The latest FTTH subscription per latest poll records, UAE tops the ranking with 93.7 (also betters with a 99% social media users), followed by Qatar and Singapore with 87.9% and 85.4 % respectively. In comparison, Europe, led by Uruguay has the most countries who subscribe the technology. From the countries included, China and India show a remarkable correlation with operating on FTTH connection to their homes (and business as well) and their economic prospects. Equally important is the trend relates to a validation that the two nations will seize top spots in the emerging big economies worldwide. Recent forecasts place China first and India in the second spot in by 2050.

FTTH – The View

FTTH has an upload 20 times faster with a Gigabit fiber connection compared to the rest.

Replacing the old wire attached internet connections utilizing wires (phone lines and coaxial cables), FTTH is the transfer of communication signals over optical fibers. The connection is directly delivered to the homes, one of the latest fast-growing methods of supplying bandwidth (the volume of information transfer via the medium, with the present internet use as an example).

It operates on rendering a fiber-based information shift using hybrid fiber coaxial, fiber to the home and fiber to the cabinet (businesses) that is projecting a growth in use among internet patrons.

Compared to the other connection methods, FTTH has an upload 20 times faster with a Gigabit fiber connection compared to the rest. With 60 Mbps (this year’s most recent data) faster than its closest rival, the cable modem, processing at just over 10Mbpps. Where speed matters FTTH tops the transfer data board.

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FTTH, The Economic Pluses

FTTH utilizes light instead of electricity to transmit signal

Detailing the influence of FTTH economically gives way to trends that has influenced how subscribers have used the technology. Some of the basic features, over and above indicate the influence it has collected.

FTTH utilizes light instead of electricity to transmit signal. It can likewise stock a high bandwidth signal without connection failure compared to the traditional DSl. It can conduct a wider degree of signal more than that of the former’s a couple hundred yards before losing a signal.

The Super-Fast technology eradicates the use of a modem via pure ethernet connection that is loaded back to the user’s ISP, making the service more reliable. Moreover, FTTH eliminates downtime connection and equipment issues that most internet patrons face.

Likewise, it useful with internet transactions like a video file that necessarily needs a greater bandwidth for a quicker upload. This, FTTH delivers. In like manner, speed compared to a wireless connection is greater. Since wireless uses radio frequencies that can be accessed anywhere (where signal permits) it fares better than just about the widely used 5 to 20 Mbbs via wi-fi.

Moreover, the fiber optic technology has a bandwidth that is constantly progressing in a 100 Mbbs per second. This, it provides users without having to modify the fiber connection, a no needed upgrade compared to other internet link methods.

Video Media Consumption – MYLF Example

MYLF - Upcoming Adult SeriesThanks to FTTH it is easy now to consume high-bandwidth content like videos. Given the video medias are taking the most of world’s bandwidth and it’s only going to rise in the future we would like to use MYLF as an example of ever-growing needs when it comes to household Internet speeds.

MYLF is upcoming brand that’s going to consist of 7 sub-series featuring mature women in explicit videos. Adult content is on the top of any Internet consumption list, so it’s almost a sure thing that global release of MYLF will require a lot of power. With expected daily updates of new videos, the user base of this series should get ready with upgrading their Internet connection to the latest FTTH technologies.

Economic Indicators

The dynamic ways by which consumers interact is fast changing. Personal and business transaction particularly are fast indicating dependence on computer work to carry out tasks previously done manually. Specific indicators follow.

  • The trend in virtual reality pursuits demands the use of platforms as well by which users engage in entertainment without being outdoors paving for lesser loss in money resources. In fact, Amazon, Walmart, and Netflix are examples where people can download gaming, sports movies, and videos without their physical presence keeping time for other domestic endeavors.
  • Recent technology in electronics products for the household technically sophisticated. Televisions are now equipped with the ability to connect to the internet. Live to stream as well home movie viewing requires a bigger band to download. This, FTHH performs.
  • The wide use of social media platforms paves the way for personalization with images and videos that require more speed in uploading and downloading to be transmitted via e-mails, social media platforms among others.
  • Similarly, the upsurge in the use of IP-based applications similar to VOIP, digital streaming, security systems ad home automation, video conferencing and appliance remote control capabilities require a speed in the gigs that FTTH carries.
  • Furthermore, based on a European study conducted recently, the use of FTTH (B as well) records an 88% lesser greenhouse emission footprint compared to other internet access technologies. There is also an indicator that areas with Super-Fast or Ultrafast compared to the rest, display a trend in the increase of start-up businesses in France particularly.
FTTH Conference

At FTTH conferences, we try to ensure that businesses and individual clients receive the most up to date information about internet speeds and availability. We envision a situation where the entire world will have easy access to the fiber-optic internet.

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