Why Internet Is Better Than Books

Why Internet Is Better Than Books

Books are the primary sources of knowledge to every human being and it is not until a kid grown up to understand how the technology works, that he/she is introduced to the world of internet. This is the era of internet where people are more dependent on browsers than bookish knowledge because there is lack of time, energy and patience.

For instance, while in older days to-be mothers used to read a lot of books to keep their mood swings at bay and also in a hope that the kids would be interested in reading too, nowadays mothers rely on internet to learn about diet, exercises and other practices during pregnancy.

Almost every household now has high speed internet connection and FTTH is one of the leading service providers to help them out.

Finding your favorite eBooks is just a click away.

Books Are Available On Internet

First things first, why would you spend some bucks in purchasing a paperback or hardcover book if the soft copy of that book is available as eBook on internet?

While many people still love to smell the pages of the books consider reading incomplete without touching the paper pages, those bibliophiles trying to save some money and time are being dependent on eBooks.

Downloading eBook’s Is Time And Cost Efficient

Most of the popular books are available in soft copies on different eBook websites and apps such as Project Gutenberg, Google eBook Store, Free eBooks, Book Boon, Kindle etc. where you can get eBook’s that are available free of cost or in exchange of minimal amount.

Finding your favorite eBooks is just a click away while for buying a paperback or hardcover book, you need to go to a store or order online that take at least few hours to arrive at your doorstep.

Besides, it is never easy to judge a book by its back-cover summary but reading a few pages online from an eBook gives you an idea of whether the book is up-to-the-mark.

Entertainment – Sis Loves Me

Sis Loves Me - Adult Brand

Sis Loves Me – Step Sisters

The brutal truth about the whole books VS. internet battle is… you can simply find much more exciting stuff online. Let Sis Loves Me be an exmaple. An adult series featuring the very controversial phenomenon of step sisters/brother porn. Unacceptable in social talks it’s the actual biggest genre of XXX genre when you read this. While we try to stay civil in the public we sure have some dark minds in private. Which is good. Books can’t beat a good video and there is over 200 episodes of Sis Loves Me already!

The latter option is undoubtedly timesaving especially if you are in hurry.

Surfing Internet Is Timesaving Than Reading Books

Suppose you need to learn about some topic from any subject and the book containing that topic or chapter is not within hand’s reach.

So, what you prefer –rummaging through different books consisting that chapter or just search about that topic on internet?

The latter option is undoubtedly timesaving especially if you are in hurry. Checking multiple websites on multiple tabs is definitely easier than checking different books at the same time.

Internet might not replace the contribution of books because no matter how easy, fast or timesaving it is, holding a book in your hand, rustling the pages and inhaling the smell of new or old pages will never be old. Still, in this digital era, internet definitely has an advantage because the reliance comes from the people only.

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